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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Christina Hendricks Bazaar Cover

Queen of Curves Christina Hendricks, star of hit show Mad Men graces the cover of Harper's Bazaar. This will not be the first cover.

She blew people away with her Venus-like image in the February/March issue of New York magazine. One cannot help but notice her whether its the bright red hair, amazing curves or the way she carries herself. Walking down the red carpet among waif thin actresses, she wiggles past them faster than you can say Marlyn Monroe, who she is often compared too. Her body shape almost always comes up in conversation for her.

"When the attention started to be about my figure, I was surprised, because it wasn't something I was focused on. And then it became very positive, and people were saying very nice things."

 In Harper's Bazaar, she talks about her life before acting when she was a model. She started out as one at 17. At 5'8 and a size 4, she was aked by her agent to loose 10 pounds.

"I remember thinking, You're crazy! I said okay, but I didn't do it. It seems that models have gotten smaller. I was a 4, but now they're a 0 or 2."

Hendricks is living proof that curvy is in fact quite sexy. It is refreshing to have a figure in the media that gives diversity in body shape. Everyone seems to adore Hendricks and find her irresistible.

"Women hit on me, my husband thinks it's so odd that so many women hit on me. Gay men too. They say to me, 'Well, I'm not straight, but if I was…' I think it's so flattering."

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