"Like poetry, fashion does not state anything. It merely suggests."-Karl Lagerfeld

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Black Friday 2010

I think this picture pretty much sums it up. I went into this Walmart for 5 minutes and walked out. This is just the line to pay, the lines waiting for a camera or flat screen TV are just as bad . At one point I saw one man walking away with three flat screen TV's.

I get that Christmas is exciting and that black Friday helps the economy, but for the first time since the great depression the average American has negative dollars in savings. Also consumerism is replacing the original meaning of Christmas, which was celebrating the birth of Christ. I am not a religious person, but I feel that no matter what faith you follow if any, Christmas needs to be about something wholesome and thoughtful. Buying cheap toys that are built for the dump, meaning they are built as cheaply as possible which mean its will break in about a year is not thoughtful.

Now I know that blogging about fashion which is known to be incredibly superficial sound hypocritical on my part. I just want to say in my defense, if you read most of my blogs, its not just fashion I blog about but how much of the superficiality that ruins fashion and how it turns a beautiful outlet of art into a cold souless machine. Also, fashion is a hobby of mine, not my life. I don't blow insane amounts of money on anything let alone fashion. Most of the designer labels I buy are found treasures, things that other people threw away not knowing what it was that i found 2nd hand or bought at a sale. I almost never buy ANYTHING at retail price and don't think anyone else should either. I have never owned a credit card and most likely never will.

Also, the biggest designers, most of them are not these mega rich people we think of. Most of them make almost nothing as it is, half the time models are stick thin is to save money on fabric. When a designer starts out they make almost no profit whatsoever and are most likely sewing everything themselves or have friends or family doing everything for free. These clothes are not created in factories where 7 years olds are starving in a hot room making the clothes for 3cents an hour.

Basically what I'm saying is don't go broke this Christmas, you don't need to buy a gift to give a gift. Also I will hopefully post another blog on cheap and fashionable gifts that won't throw you in debt this year.

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  1. Walmart was insane. I like Christmas, even the consumerism of it all. You know me it is the adventure of the find, seeing something someone else didn't. I also rarely if ever pay retail, why would I when I find pretty much every designer I am looking for at huge discounts. I think buying used is the u;timate recycling, I actually like knowing someone owned an object I have before me. I guess that is the product of growing up in the antique business, of course I always find it hysterical when you can go into Marshalls or TJmaxx and buy something new cheaper than I could buy it used in a thrift store