"Like poetry, fashion does not state anything. It merely suggests."-Karl Lagerfeld

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Support Local Handmade: Etsy Fashion

This blog is dedicated to local (New England Area) Independent, Handmade, Artists on Etsy! Here are some looks and bio's. Be sure to check you their pages for more of their amazing items. I hope make handmade an ongoing theme in this blog, so let me know if you want you in my next blog :)

Within Organics

 Organic Cotton 'Electric' Off-the-Shoulder tee
Organic Cotton/Hemp 'I am Blessed' Tee

"We believe in living an inspired life, whatever that means to you - travel, dance class, journal writing, fine art, good food, urban living. 
Our comfortable, stylish organic tees are screen printed lovingly by hand and ready to go on the journey with you. All of our clothing has a hidden, inspiring message to remind you that you rock!"

Unknown Arts

 Cowboy Tee by CRICKET
Garamon Monster Tee by Paddy Charles

"Unknown Arts was created by a group of friends in the fall of 2009. Their dream was to have a job that allowed them freedom of artistic expression and the opportunity to creatively interact with the world around them. You know, something more than just a way to pay the bills…
We’re proud to be the only print shop in Burlington VT owned by artists and printers!"

Larkin and Larkin

 Hand Dyed Feather & Stone Earrings. Visions of Fall

Super Chunky Cowl. Fruity Pebbles

"Hello, My name is larkin.I'm a redhead. I think that really sums me up. It is my race, religion and political affiliation. My red hair is my totem animal.
I live in lovely and totally underrated Providence, RI with a menagerie of beasts and an impressive amount of art supplies.
Everything I make is one of a kind or limited edition, meaning I very rarely make the same thing twice."

Cara Crass

 DeathGlam Lavender and Cream shabby chic Cat Skull topper

DeathGlam Life Was Peachy crystal cat skull fascinator - pre order

"HI!  I'm cara. I'm a full time stay at home mom of two girls, and part time model stylist. I make hats and jewelry as a creative release, and to help with my wardrobe. 
actually work personally with two taxidermists that i know. the first one is where i get most of my skulls. he gets them from road kill, people that hunt, and the foxes and coyotes are sometimes killed by farmers protecting their cattle/chickens/etc.

the second guy i buy from has a peacock/guinea hen farm. he gets his skulls from his birds, and most of them are from dying of old age, or dying because eggs cant pass etc. he also is the one that supplies my cat skulls. these are all feral cats (or wild cats). they die the same way things such as raccoons do. road kill, old age, and so many other different reasons".

Vermont Jewelry Shop

 OOAK Rhinestone collage Cuff Bracelet Made with re-purposed vintage jewelry assemblage

Vintage rhinestone clock brooch & clip on earring set Rhinestone clock set 

"We are a mother and daughter team who loves to make creative handmade items. We love dealing with jewelery , vintage items, supplies, and mom loves to make quilts too! 

Our shop carries handmade jewelry, vintage jewelry, supplies, re-purposed and up-cycled items, etc. We specialize in handmade button bracelets, vintage brooches, and wedding jewelry. We love working with gemstones, crystals, vintage findings,vintage beads, glass beads, cameos and pearls. "

Hanami Gallery 

 Ivory Satin Lotus Returns Tsumami Kanzashi Bridal

Magenta Fireworks Tsumami Kanzashi Silk Flower

"My goal is to make modern Japanese inspired kanzashi - origami for the hair as I like to call it - that will perfectly accent any day~

Tsumami Kanzashi - Is a Japanese art where hair decorations (kanzashi) are made by pinching (tsumami) pieces of silk to form a 3D shape. I refer to it as origami for the hair. Traditionally kanzashi are worn for weddings and 
by entertainers "

Constantly Alice

1940's/1950's Vintage Hat - Red, Cream, Tan Elizabeth Ford Pancake Tilt Hat

Vintage 1950s Shoe - Golden Hostess Shoe with Pom Pom by Daniel Green

"I love all things vintage and have a flair for the theatrical. I'm fond of the 20's and 50's in particular, but love just about any decade between the 1800-1960's. I also love to create! You can usually find me knitting, sewing, crocheting or embroidering my little heart out. My shop, ConstantlyAlice, was inspired by my love for all of these things, but mostly by my love for the two lovely ladies you see pictured in banner for my shop, my grandmothers Constance and Alice."

The Write Stuff Design

 Pride and Prejudice Leather Cover Book Purse

The IIiad & The Odyssey Book Purse

"I am a wife and mama to three crazy boys under 6 years of age. Yet, I still have the desire to create new projects that add to the happy chaos that is my life!"

The Candy Thief 

Hand Printed Felt Head Band 

Oak Leaf Head Band

"The Candy Thief had her beginnings from the corner of a tiny attic apartment in the spring of 2006. Since then the one woman operation has moved its headquarters to a full scale fiber arts studio where each Candy Thief creation comes to life. The Candy Thief is dedicated to bringing a high level of creativity and craftswomanship to the marketplace. Each piece is designed with function and flare in mind."

Boda Boda

Mixed But Matching Bangles

Why Not Bangles

"I currently live and work in Burlington, VT, a place that has wholesome inspirations and great access to materials. I've been weaving for years but have explored the craft much more after the week I met my boyfriend. He coincidentally needed to get rid of a large Leclerc floor loom that's been in storage for awhile. I finally was able to have my own loom and it's made all the difference. "


  1. Fantastic! What a wonderful idea for a blog post :) Thanks so much for including me!

  2. Joan Strickland GarbeNovember 1, 2011 at 9:34 PM

    Congratulations on creating a blog that showcases everyone's work so beautifully. Love the photos, but having difficulty reading the gray text in white boxes. I have no idea how to create a blog, but I do find that reading and looking at some many different artist's endeavors on Etsy makes me realize how many of us love to create our art and how important it is to all of us. Keep creating, keep encouraging!