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Monday, December 7, 2009

Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2010

*I am by no means an expert or a student of fashion, its a passion of mine, one I want to share with others

I'm beginning my first blog by reviewing this coming spring/summer fashion line of Louis Vuitton. I've have been following fashion closely this year and have been blown away by what's being put on the runway for this fall.

The fall fashion shows tend to be louder and more extravagant usually, perhaps why the September issue of American Vogue tends to be so large and usually puts the matriach/editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour, known for her icy demeanor, into a realm of foreign stress and insecurity. She is mostly recognized as Meryl Streep's portrayal of Miranda Preistly in The Devil Wears Prada , loosely based on the fashion vixen herself.

I have to say that spring fashion for 2010, although with some gems, brings me only sheer confusion. The big theme this fall is very avant-garde, especially with a number of designers pumping out insanely high shoes that architects and physicists could have designed. Marc Jacobs really missed the...well...mark in the Paris Fashion week runway show. In the shoe category most particularly. Most of the shoes worn were completely bizarre and not in a good way. The only way I can think to describe them is as if Birkenstock made love to those tacky feather shoes usually seen in a Fredrick's of Hollywood combined with a mirkin

See what I mean?

Most designers make the big money from assessories, not usually from the clothing itself. Not even celebrities are seeming to want to wear high fashion 24/7 let alone buy it. Perhaps then it was smart of Jacobs to then emphasize the purses in this show. I immediately recognized them for their sherbet colored fox tail, remembering Victoria Beckham owns one.

I'm not necessarily one of those, "I'd Rather be naked than wear fur" PETA extremists, but I did find the fox tail odd and kind of trashy much like J Lo's Fall 2005 runway show. The Bags themselves were quite exciting, more colorful and unqie in shape and dimension than the traditional LV bag. I myself am a bag queen and I found myself almost forgiving Jacobs for the crack show he put on the runway.

What I found to be truly wrong was there seemed to be no strong theme, or if there was one, it made little to no aesthetic sense to me. Between the Models all in Afros and the mirkin shoes, the outfits themselves looked...too much of too much. Too much layering, pleats, mismatched fabrics, tassels, strong angles and cuts. I can see him attempting to be....different?

The only theme I got from him was "Sun Burned Child Prostitutes From The Seventies." And the only sense I got of spring were the usual sherbet colors and the short cut of the shorts/skirts. Other colors look wrong, like something you'd reupholster a Victorian style couch with, or find at your local second hand furniture shop.

I'm sure many of these pieces individually may look stunning! I could see Winona Ryder, (inspiration to Jacobs epescially after being charged with theft, one item being a Marc Jacobs jumper), pairing one his items with big sunglasses and rocking it, or at least see her in an US Weekly's "Who Wore It Better" section and winning.

Really, its the purses that steal the show. I said it before but it was probably a smart move on Jacobs part knowing that people have been more spendthrift, even the more wealthy shoppers. Also, runway's main purpose for designers is not necessarily to have their clothes appeal to the average shopper, but appeal to the big magazines. One of the most important things to designers is to become a household name , that the average person will want to spend the extra money on accessories, because they cost considerably less than a gown that could easily go out of style next season.

Looking at the comparison to the 2009 spring/summer to the 2010, is a stark difference. 2009 was filled with sharp Joan Crawford-like shoulders, powerful business lady suits with a sexy edge by pairing the coats with short skirts. The shoes also sexy, nothing mirkin like about them. The purses also very nice but not as exciting as this year. I also recommending looking at the difference between the spring 2010 to his fall 2009/2010. A very glmorous and classy line with some edge in the use of bright colors thrown into it as well as an occasional bunny ear. Athough quiky, it somehow worked, it didn't deter from teh clothing if anything gave it that avant-garde the fall line from most designers have perfected this year.

I understand runway is a form of art and that what you see on the runway half the time is not what you will see worn the same way on the street. It's part of the enchantment of runway, but I found this springs/summers line messy and upsetting. I think I may actually be offended, but its just my personal taste, others may find his show fun and young, or see a piece they must have.

Thank you for reading my "humble" opinions, I hope to put out more of these soon, varying in topics mostly about fashion but probably other hot topics.

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  1. I think you may have found your calling dollface! This is great :0)