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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Why I won't Buy Coach anymore...

It was only this year that i was even really aware of what Coach was and what sort of products they carried. I vaguely remember Coach as a leather goods store when I was younger, leather briefcases belts and such that my mom would stop at to grab my dad something every once in a great while.

I had owned a pair of purple leather gloves with mink trim that my mother got me last winter. They were gorgeous and stylish and I loved them. They were bought on sale but originally something like $300.

this is them

Coach began as a family run business in 1941 in New York's Garment district in Manhattan. It was run by six leather workers whose expertise was wallets made by hand. Now Coach is a well known name, you see every girl and their mother carrying one these days.

I will not deny that Coach purses are well made and estically pleasing to the eye and touch...alas I find it difficult to get that high I once had for it. Granted it was less than a year ago my interest was sparked but this is just an example of the disposbale nature of fashion. I own three coach bags, two that I will admit (gulp) are fake or...Faux-ch.
For fake bags the one's I have are okay, perhaps a grade B. Not Quite third shift factory workers pumping out basically the same thing, (that would be a grade A in fakes) but still quite nice.
Authetic Coach bags even at outlet stores can cost between $130-$300.

The reason for my dislike for Coach happened this recent Black Friday.
It was my very first Black Friday and I wanted to see the craziness of shopaholics and crazed mother nabbing gifts.
3AM shopping
Not only were the sales not very good, but the line outside of the Coach Outlet was unbearably long, consider the coupons they gave out were the same you could print out on your own every other day of the week. This is not what really troubled me. What really got me was seeing that literally every young girl and their mother had a Coach purse. Some were really nice, others generic and I'm sure some were even fake. Then I thought, why am i shelling out a few hundred bucks for a purse with some C's on them if litterally everyone has one?
Coach has become the Abrocrombie and Fitch of Purses. Its a mall purse. Still nice but doesn't have much substance or depth. Not to say that fashion does...but the fun about fashion is the expression of it, the hunt for deals and discovering or embellished your aesthetic style.

Coach is good to have one of...one that screams you, it will last forever with the design, but get something classic not trendy unless you can really see yourself still loving it next year and even the year after that. Okay maybe having two doesn't hurt, one for spring/summer and one fro fall/winter.

But know that it doesn't make you a fashonista. Its a beginner bag or and forever bag. Know that you are not original and that you will see 20 other girls....and their mothers with on as well.

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