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Friday, August 27, 2010

Temporary Tattoos High Fashion?

I have been noticing out in the fashion world a new trend that I am really in love with, temporary tattoos. Unlike the kind you grab from vending machines in grocery stores and such, high fashion temp tats are very sexy and designed beautifully. They are also a lot more pricey. The Chanel Spring 2010 runways show was displayed with this line of tattoos.
Also Beyonce Knowles new fashion line Dereon ads have Ms. Knowles covered in these faux tats. She named the line after her biggest inspiration, her mother Tina Knowles,  Dereon is her mother maiden name. Tina has been inspring her daughter fashion wise since the days of Destiny's Child and designed all the outfits for the band.
Beyonce said of the the ad photo shoot that she kept putting more and more tattoos on herself and loving it. She is well known for up with sort of alter egos (Sasha Fierce) and I think that these hott temp tats are an easy and fun way for peopel to do that with themselves. Fashion is a form of playing dress up and tattoos are a way of decortaiong your skin.

I myself have two tattoos and am utterly terrified of getting more. Not just because of the pain but like fashion, tattoos designs trends can easily look dated, and you end up stuck with them. 

This new trend seems to be a reincarnated trend that exploded in the mid nighties, henna tattoo's.
Granted you can go into any new age shop and get a kit now even still. Henna is gorgeous and fun. It lasts longer than most temp tats and the practice of henna use can be dated back to 1200 BC to the ancient Egyptians who used henna on their nails and hair. Henna was also used to dye animal skins, textiles, and men's beards. Once the henna plant's cooling properties were discovered, painting the skin became a way for the desert people of India to cool down their body temperatures. In the states before the henna trend blew up in 1996, it was used mainly as a temporary hair dye.

Maybe this trend will pass again like it did once in the 90's but I for one love it and thinks its a way to be creative and a way to play dress up with fashion. Its unique, yet an ancient practice. Its also I lot cheaper than getting the real thing and maybe a good way to see if you are really in love with a design before marking your skin permanently, a trial run so to speak.

*I realize its been several months since I've made a post and will try to do more

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